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We extend our sympathy for flood victims, people and businesses.  We appreciate and thank those volunteers and professionals who are making huge efforts to deal with another unprecedented situation, deja vu again!


If the next flood is less than 2015 we wonder if an overflow storm channel could be made parallel with Low Row so that if the “Z” bends cause a backup then a weir or flood relief mechanism could allow the overflow down a new storm drain which could channel either into a wetland area or into the Derwent lower down.

The Derwent is forced to curve to the north and eventually back on itself by an embankment that tries to stop the Derwent continue its natural flow parallel with Low Road.

In December 2015 the Derwent burst its banks and flooded Cockermouth.  When the Derwent flooded over the embankment behind Lakes Home Store it started to continue its natural line of flow parallel with Low Road.  The 180 degree turn opposite The Gote restricts flow, erodes banks, floods and damages buildings.

The river has been diverted and tapped for water power to mills and now is forced into a route by embankments but the depth of flow becomes limited by gravel and boulders and the width of flow restricted by embankments.  Hopefully the science and arts of drainage experts can find a way to save us from more flood misery and let the river run.


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We extend our sympathy for flood victims, people and businesses.  We were flooded out of our house for six months in 2005 because the flow of a a local beck was blocked by poor maintenance by landowners.  

The same flooding from Dovenby Beck occurred in December 3rd 2015 with the beck still blocked with trees and logs.  Fortunately our defences held and we recovered but others in Dovenby were affected much worse.

Some of us may be able to share solutions that may help other people.  Eg raised steps, mini walls, slotted flood planks.  New products are being released and need reviewed.  

We would appreciate free advice from a legal person to help us and landowners understand legal obligations about keeping local watercourse drainage clear.  Please email us at

Contact @ (lowercase with no spaces)

Many small villages are affected by local drainage issues so please do not focus only on the main river watercourses and the towns on them.  Small communities and individual properties affected by drainage issues and floods need a voice but may not be heard.  

If you are in a small community in the Allerdale area and have local drainage issues that you would like to bring to the attention of those who may help and want the issue publicised on this website then please email

Contact @ (lowercase with no spaces)

Note that this is an informal volunteer offer and no expertise or professional political service or outcome is guaranteed.  

I hope that information is the starting point to help the hard pressed and well meaning experts to direct scarce resources to help us all.

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