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The Cocker meets the Derwent (hence Cockermouth) at the right of the Google map,,then flows under some of the gravel blocked arches of Gote bridge then the Derwent is forced to curve to the north and eventually back on itself by an embankment that tries to stop the Derwent continue its natural flow parallel with Low Road.

In December 2015 the Derwent burst its banks and flooded Cockermouth.  When the Derwent flooded over the embankment behind Lakes Home Store it started to continue its natural line of flow parallel with Low Road.  The 180 degree turn opposite The Gote restricts flow, erodes banks, floods and damages buildings.

Looking towards the rear of Gote Garage

The Derwent is forced 180 degrees around as it hits Pump House and Papcastle hill.  It tries to cut the corner but backs up to flood houses and James Walker factory at the foot of Gote Brow.

Below: Looking towards Lakes Home Centre.

Below: Looking away from Lakes Home Centre.

Above three pictures and to right: The Derwent forces its way over the embankment behind Lakes Home Centre and scours the embankment as it flows parallel with Low Road in its attempt to escape the restrictions of the 180 degree turn downstream at the Pumphouse by the Gote bend.