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The slide show above and videos below show how a poorly maintained watercourse impedes the drainage flow.  Dead trees and branches obstruct the flow and trees grow on the bank where the water flows in high rainfall events.  Photos below show how stock fences and other obstructions act as a net to catch leaves and debris and effectively form a dam thus raising the water level that cannot flow past the obstruction.  This watercourse is one of many in Cumbria that regularly causes localised flooding of houses and roads in the village it flows through.  More details can be found at

When landowners fail to keep watercourses clear drainage fails and floods occur

Dovenby Beck floods easily but drainage is blocked by obstructions.

Landowners: local flooding

Dovenby drainage
Local Flooding by landowners

Allerdale planning authority apparently think 1 in 100 year rainfall needs less storage capacity than 1 in 30 years!

“There is no flooding danger to properties from the test track part of the site as the watercourses flow to the river in a very rural location.”

Allerdale: poor planning

Poor planning

When local watercourses are blocked they back up and flooding occurs as often happens in Dovenby Village because of the obstructions to the flow caused by landowners allowing trees, logs and debris to block the flow.